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I’m not lying. You’re a friend I’m not scared of. You know that, right? Family is beautiful. Family are beautiful people. That’s why I like family, because they’re beautiful people. - Lee Haru to Tablo (©

kyungsoo - ep 1 

track name The Best Luck
artist Chen
album It's Alright It's Love OST
play count 12848


Chen's OST for It's Alright It's Love

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list of inspirational quotes by oh sehun:


"what is with this hyung"

"what is this"

"this hyung is so ugly"

"hyung do you know chocolate rice"

"this hyung is daebak"



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Shit that Ravi and Ken talk about
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If Mino was your boyfriend . . .
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get to know me meme: favourite male groups
♡ exo [4/5]